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When we set up a studio at an event, you end up with photographs that are amazingly striking, fun, unique, and memorable. People love watching the photography as much as they love being photographed. Whether the event is a corporate convention, a party, a festival, or a wedding, you will not get images or an experience like this anywhere else. We have been doing studio event photography on a regular basis for well over a decade. Our dedicated crew can handle projects of any scale. This is perfect for conventions, corporate events, weddings, or parties.

OSCON - Sponsored by Microsoft

OSCON - Sponsored by Microsoft

Light painting

We darken the room and paint the subjects with light, in an interactive collaboration that never looks the same twice. portrait subjects seem to be emanating energy, beautiful awesome effects. This is straight photography and the effects are not digitally added. This is something supremely unique. I have been doing light painting for 20 years. Nobody else does light painting portraits with great skill and speed. Doing fast-paced high-quality light painting at events is thrilling for everybody. I did this on America's Got Talent in front of 30 million americans. For more on my light painting, see AuroraLightPortraits.com

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You want your event to be as fun as possible. Our photography is a key part of the entertainment and fun. You'll also get unsurpassed photographs.

The cost for our services at your event depends on what you need. Give a call and let's chat about your event and what you would like.

You can see examples of past events that we photographed.

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