Julian Cash

The way I do event photography makes for an endless amazing adventure. I feel fortunate to have met so many fascinating people from all walks of life, from CEO's to buskers to families of all types. I tried to show a bit of what makes each person magical, while encouraging their unique joy and individuality. I feel honored that so many influential people and movements have been documented with my camera. I have truly enjoyed every event. I love my job! I get to have fun and be creative with countless wonderful people.

Photo by Randal


Ken Coar
“We hired Julian to be the conference photographer for ApacheCon, and he is the best we have ever had. Endless energy, boundless enthusiasm, constantly sparking and fizzing with ideas and good humour. He not only provided excellent results, but made the overall conference experience better for all because of his infectious merriness. I cannot recommend Julian highly enough!”
Tim O'Reilly
O'Reilly Press
“Julian Cash is an amazing photographer with a unique style. I smile every time I see the shots he's taken of me.”
Scott Beale
Laughing Squid
“Julian has set up a studio at several Laughing Squid events. The photographs he captures with are incredible and classic. And the people being photographed have a splendidly wonderful time I highly recommend his photography.”
Marc Crown

“Julian; My friends and I agreed that you were one of the greatest things about the party. We truly love your energy and the way you interact with your subjects. Ton's of fun for us and you looked like you were having fun too (and it was about 1:30 am by that time). You were amazing!”

Ashley Niblock

“Julian is a fabulous photographer. If you need photographs that effortlessly express the very *essence* of a person, group, place or thing then Julian is your man. Here's why:

  • Julian is a technical master; and you will never need to know - it all just works.
  • Julian understands people and is made out of love for them.  This is how he creates magic, and what really sets him apart.

Working with him is not work at all.  You'll have fun, and smile, and laugh, and have interesting conversations, and at the end he will have produced amazing work for you, just like he's been doing for hundreds of people for many years. 

Take a look at his work and talk to him, and have some of the magic for yourself.”


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