Example events

Any event is improved by our studio photography. We have set up studios at varied types of events. All of the photographs for each of the examples below were taken in one day. After any event we shoot, a large percentage of the people photographed update their Facebook photo.

Count the number of wildly creative and technically perfect photos that come from any one event we photograph. Compare this with photos from one event by any other photographer, and then give us a call.

Strata 2017 convention

We photographed attendees at the Strata set up a black background light painting studio. We primarily photographed speakers at the convention, who all had an amazing time, and conference attendees loved seeing the photographs.

MySQL convention

We set up at a white background studio at a MySQL convention in Santa Clara. One might think that photos taken at a technical convention wouldn't be exciting. But the MySQL community is fantastic and most people enjoy creativity and fun regardless of the venue.

The fun photos

Poses as fun as these are a boon to promotion. The participants clearly enjoyed their time in our studio.


While taking photographs of everyone, we also took the time to make head shots. Busy people rarely find the time to take current headshots, even when they need this publicity tool. We take great headshots of lots of people quickly.

A poster

We made a poster of the images. With the printer we typically order from, posters can be up to 42" tall or wide. They had a giant poster of the photos on the wall of their Santa Clara office for many years (before Sun bought MySQL AB for a billion dollars, and before Oracle bought Sun).

Laurel and Lamont Wedding

I love photographing weddings. The photographs can turn out quite stupendous and celebratory. For more on weddings, see JcWed.com .

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